Altona Sans

There are just a few places on the world where I truly feel at home. And one of them is the beautiful German borough “Altona” located in my favorite city “Hamburg”. I’ve been working on this font project for almost five years now and I finally made the decision to finalise and release the first style for the “Altona Sans” Family. The intention was to create an unique and beautiful typeface, that can be accessed by everyone. That’s why with this font you can pay whatever you want to purchase a commercial license.

Free for Personal use

by Philip Trautmann


Altona Sans Regular

Altona Sans Italic

Wait – Why does it say 0+ Dollar?

First of all: The full version of the font is 100% free for personal use. So as long you’re not making profit with it you can go ahead and just download our premium font for free!

But we also wanted to make this font accessible for everyone who wants to use it commercially. So just this time we’re changing our pricing for the commercial license: All small companies or brands with less than 10 employees gets to choose how much they want to pay to buy a commercial license, so you can actually get the license for free!

But every dollar is most welcome and will be used to create more styles of this font family in the future, which is our ultimate goal. Of course every supporter will also get lifetime updates of the font and receive all future styles for free once they will be released.

If your company/brand or your client has more than 10 employees please contact us for an extended license.