Shaped Fonts (former phitradesign fonts) was founded by Philip Trautmann in early 2016 and later joined by Christoph Dörre. We are passionate about typography and our goal is to create unique typefaces for everyone. Join the many companies that already use our fonts and get to know the faces behind the type foundry from Germany.

Philip Trautmann

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Philip! My passion to typography developed in 2016 when I wanted to try out something new. Before I began with type design I was creating layouts, UI/UX design and any work which was somehow related to Photoshop or Illustrator. I worked together with Chris under the name of „phitradesign“ for many years and then started to study media design in Düsseldorf. At my university I learned a lot about typography and so I began to create own little font projects. First just as a hobby but later I realized that this meant more to me. So that was the time the font foundry was born. I gained a lot of experience in the last years and I’m looking forward to the many upcoming projects for Shaped Fonts.


Christoph Dörre

Chief Operating Officer

Hi, I’m Chris, typedesigner and graphic artist from Germany. I got into typedesign through Philip and my university. Graphic design was always a passion for me, so I started to focus on improving my abilities. My studies helped me a lot with this. I then joined our font foundry at the end of 2016 and am now co-leading our company. Actually, the first font I began with was friends, but Leixo was the first one I released. At the beginning of friends, I realized that this project was way too big to start with, so I began with something easier. Today I am typedesigner with heart and soul and I’m always trying to upskill.


More shaped stuff


We’re not just a font foundry. Next to creating our own fonts we’re always open for creating custom fonts for companies and other design related projects.  We also want to create helpful tools to push the designers community forward. We shape companies, startups and fonts!


Our design agency

Our design agency, “Shaped Agency” is mainly focusing on User Interfaces and Interaction Design. We also love to brand and rebrand companies and we’re always happy for a new challenge. Although we’re based in Düsseldorf (Germany), we remotely work with clients all around the world.


custom typefaces

In a world where every company needs to be different, a custom font can make all the difference. We’re happy to help you turning your concept or idea in an actual font you can type with. You’ll also have the exclusive rights to make sure that it’s just you using the font.


Iconclub for Mac
and Windows

Our first app “Iconclub” is all about finding the perfect icon within seconds. There are so many great iconsets out there which are both 100% free to use and just look great. We wanted to create an app to have them all in one place.

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in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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