Licensing Terms

Acceptance of Terms

By installing and utilizing any font provided by Shaped Fonts, you (“the Licensee”) hereby agree to be bound by these Licensing Terms. Installation or use of the font signifies the Licensee’s acceptance of all terms and conditions contained herein.

Article 1: License Issuance

1.1. Licenses are granted to the entity (company or brand) using the font in its published materials, who shall be recognized as the “Licensee.” Designers or agencies creating designs for a third party shall ensure the license is held in the name of the client.

1.2. In agency-client relationships, the end client shall be considered the Licensee.

Article 2: Licensing Model

2.1. Our licensing model allows for unlimited users and third-party usage within the Licensee’s organization, facilitating broader usage within the scope of the Licensee’s projects.

Article 3: Commercial Use

3.1. Commercial usage of fonts requires a license purchase, unless specifically designated as “free for commercial use”. Available licenses include Standard, Multimedia, and Extended categories.

Article 4: Determining the Correct License

4.1. The appropriate license category shall be determined based on the size of the Licensee’s organization, particularly using the “10 employee rule” as a guide.

Article 5: Non-commercial Use

5.1. Fonts are available for personal, non-commercial use at no charge.

Article 6: Non-Purchase and Violations

6.1. Failure to procure a required license or breach of licensing terms will incur a penalty of at least 5.000,00 EUR per incident of unauthorized use.

Article 7: Credit Requirement

7.1. Commercial usage of fonts should be accompanied by acknowledgment of Shaped Fonts. Licensees adhering to appropriate licensing may waive this requirement.

Article 8: License Validity

8.1. Licenses, once purchased, do not expire and continue to authorize use indefinitely.

Article 9: Prohibition on Third-party Sharing and Embedding

9.1. Sharing the font with third parties or embedding it in websites or applications for use by others is strictly prohibited, barring possession of an Extended License. For broader use, such as embedding in products or enabling design creation by third parties, a special license must be obtained through direct communication with us.

These Licensing Terms are crafted to provide clarity and ease of understanding, ensuring Licensees are well-informed of their rights and responsibilities in using Shaped Fonts.

The standard
15 USD / per style

This license is designed for freelancers and very small companies, specifically those with fewer than 10 individuals. It is a perpetual license that will not expire, ensuring long-term use for your projects. 

Inclusions of Standard License:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Materials: Utilize the font for materials used in the transactional and promotional aspects at retail locations.
  • Print Materials: Freely use the font in any printed matter, from brochures to business cards.
  • Logo and Corporate Design: Ideal for creating a unique identity for your brand, including logos and overall corporate aesthetic.

Important Usage Information:

  • Social Media and Websites: This license is perfect if you’re using the font in non-embedded formats, such as in logos or images that you upload to social media or your website. However, if you wish to embed the font directly into your website as a webfont, you’ll need to upgrade to a Multimedia License.

  • Company Size Requirement: This license is specifically for entities with fewer than 10 individuals. It’s important to note that this refers to the actual number of people in your company or your client’s company, not the number of people using the font. If your company or your client’s company comprises more than 9 individuals, an Extended License is required.

The multimedia license
35 USD / per style

Made for freelancers, very small companies, and agencies, the Multimedia License is ideal for entities with fewer than 10 individuals. 

Inclusions of Multimedia License:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Materials: Use the font for all transactional and promotional materials in retail settings.
  • Print Materials: Apply the font across various printed mediums, enhancing your brand’s printed communication.
  • Logo and Corporate Design: Develop a unique and recognizable brand identity by incorporating the font into your logo and overall corporate design.
  • Webfont Use: Embed the font directly into your website, enabling consistent typography across all online platforms.
  • Embedding in Apps or Ebooks: Enhance your digital publications and applications by embedding the font, ensuring a seamless and branded user experience.

Important Usage Information:

  • Social Media and Websites: If you’re looking to use the font for logos or images on social media or websites without embedding it, a Standard License might suffice. The Multimedia License becomes essential when you seek to embed the font as a webfont in your website.

  • For broader use, such as embedding the font to enable design creation by third parties, a special license must be obtained through direct communication with us.
  • Company Size Requirement: This license is valid for organizations with up to 9 individuals. This count refers to the total number of people in your company or your client’s company, not the number of users of the font. For organizations with more than 9 individuals, an Extended License will be necessary.

The extended
on request


The Extended License is specifically crafted for larger companies with more than 9 employees. This license accommodates the broader scale and diverse needs of larger organizations, and allows unlimited users within the company to utilize the font. This perpetual license ensures long-term usability without the need for renewal.

Key Features of the Extended License:

  • Company Size Eligibility: Tailored for companies with a team size exceeding 9 employees. It’s designed to accommodate the expansive and varied requirements of a larger workforce.

  • Unlimited Users: Upon acquisition of the Extended License, the Licensee is entitled to unrestricted internal usage, permitting an unlimited number of employees within the Licensee’s organization to utilize the font. This allowance is designed to accommodate the extensive scale and variety of larger teams and projects.

    Further, the Extended License includes provisions for external collaborators, such as agencies and freelance designers contracted to produce work on behalf of the Licensee. This extension ensures that all external parties engaged in content creation for the Licensee are authorized to use the font, facilitating comprehensive brand consistency and legal adherence.

  • More Use Cases: The Extended License comes with a wide range of use cases, including the exclusive option for TV/Cinema Broadcasting. which is not available with Standard or Multimedia Licenses.
  • Non-Expiring: As with all of our licenses, the Extended License doesn’t have an expiry date. It grants perpetual rights to use the font, ensuring your company’s long-term branding and design needs are covered.
  • Global Usage: All Extended Licenses grant the permission to use the font globally. This means that your company can use the font in materials distributed or broadcasted worldwide, without any geographical restrictions. 
  • Personalized Pricing: Understanding that needs vary with the size and type of organization plus the kind of use case, the pricing for the Extended License is determined on a case-by-case basis. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us at to discuss the specifics and obtain a tailored quote.

The Extended License is the most comprehensive offering, ensuring larger organizations have the flexibility and legal coverage needed to use the font across all their communication and branding channels.



Okay, now the short version and in layman terms – What does this mean?

Accepting the Terms: When you use one of our fonts, you’re agreeing to the full licensing terms above.

Licenses: You need to buy a license to use the font for commercial use, except if the font is marked free for commercial use. There are three different types of licenses: standard, multimedia, and extended.

  • Standard License: For small companies with less than 10 employees. Allows Print & Digital Graphics. Available on our website.
  • Multimedia License: For small companies with less than 10 employees. Allows Print & Digital Graphics and Embedding the Font into Websites, Apps or eBooks. Available on our website.
  • Extended License: For companies with more than 9 employees. Allows Print & Digital Graphics and Embedding the Font into Websites, Apps or eBooks, offers unlimited global usage and options like TV/Cinema Broadcasting. NOT available on our website. Contact us for a custom quote based on the company size and use-case.

Free for personal use: You can use the font for free if it’s just for personal, non-business stuff.

License Holder: The license is for the company or brand that uses the font. If a designer or agency is working for someone else, the client should own the license. It’s not possible for the agency to own the license.

The amount of employees decides which license: Unlike other licensing models it’s not about how many use the font but the amount of employees of the company selling the products/services.

Design Agencies/Freelancers can purchase a font but the license holder has to be the client or company selling the products/services. If your client has more than 10 employees you need an extended license.

The amount of users doesn’t count: Your company can let any number of employees use the font. But only people within your company, unless you’ve got an extended license.

License Never Expires: Once you buy it, the license is yours forever.

How do I know which license the font has?

Free for personal use

Airfly, Aquino, Argio, Coffee+Tea, Cookies and Milk, Corn, Coyote, Cream, Equil, Fish and Chips, Fresh Tea, Friends, Garatlo, Georgina, Grape, Hello Love, Honey and Jam, Key Lime, Leixo, Lifestyle, Okashi, Patron, Prequel, Sequel, Sidney, Skybird, SnowHut, Sunshine, Sweet Chili, Tugano

Free for commercial use

Artypa, Cinema, Kanada, Inkina

How much is the standard license?

All of our standard licenses are 15USD for one style and 35USD for the whole family. You can buy it when you click “buy” next to the font preview. Be sure to select “standard license”.

How much is the multimedia license?

All of our multimedia licenses are 35USD for one style and 59USD for the whole family. You can buy it when you click “buy” next to the font preview. Be sure to select “multimedia license”.

How much is the extended license?

The price of the extended license depends on many factors to fit the needs of the company / client. After contacting us we will get back with a calculated price very soon.

I am buying the font for someone else (e.g. a client)

Please note that the license must be written to your client, not to you or your agency. That means the “more / less than 10 people” rule applies on your client, not on you / your agency.

Will the license expire?

No, none of our licenses you have bought will expire.

I want to use the font on my website, what license do I need?

If your company/client has less than 10 employees you can use the standard license to create designs including the font. Only if you want to embed the font on your website you’ll need a multimedia license.

Our company has more than 9 employees but only 1-5 will use the font.

In that case you still need an extended license, since our licensing agreement depends on the strength of the company, not on the amount of users who install the font.  Contact us at

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