Urzeit Font

“URZEIT” is german for “primeval”. So for this font we travelled back in time and found a very antiquated and rustic version of our original font “Mind the Caps”, which we released some time ago.Of course we had to recover this special relict for all of you to enjoy and this time we’re also making its full version completely FREE. Its original smoothness and rounded edges are now presented with a dirty, rough and vintage look, which gives the font a completely new character and the true feeling of a million year old font discovery. 

Kostenlos für privaten Gebrauch

von Philip Trautmann


Urzeit Regular

Urzeit Italic

Don’t miss out “Mind the Caps”, the Clean Version of “Urzeit”.

About 100 million years later, in urban London we’ve found “Mind the Caps” which turns out to be the modern and clean interpretation of “Urzeit”. Its brother features the same characteristic letters but without the grunge effect.

Mind the Caps Regular

Mind the Caps Italic